1. Secret to Korean Cooking

    If you’ve ever tasted real, authentic Korean faire, have you ever asked yourself, “What makes Korean food just so damn delicious?” The secret in Korean cooking is their condiments, which they use in all cuisines. When I first tried Korean food I was in condos for rent in canmore alberta, and it was drool worthy, but it wasn’t until I visited Korea and tasted their authentic food that I fell in love.

     Below are some of the most popular condiments used in Korean cooking:

     Gochujang: This is probably the most famous and popular condiment used in Korean cooking. It makes foods spicier and sweeter. The main ingredients are chilli powder, glutinous rice powder, salt, and fermented soy beans. This sauce is used in Bibimbap and Tteokbokki dishes, as well as anything that requires red sauce. A lot of Koreans like to mix Gochujang together with Mayonnaise, and use it for a dip for calamari or fried Korean squid.

     Doenjang: This is a thick Korean past which is made from dried, crushed, fermented soy beans. It’s packed with vitamins and anti-carcinogenic elements. When many Koreans are feeling sick, they’ll add Doenjang to soup broths to increase healing. Koreans sometimes even add anchovies to enhance the savoury flavour of the sauce. It’s a raw paste and is great to flavour vegetables, meats, and fish.

     Cheonggukjang: is a paste which has been fermented for a short time by healthy bacteria. It’s used to make many of the Korean stews such as Cheonggukjan Jiigae. Dissolve it in the broth, and simmer potatoes, onions, tofu, and veggies. If you have a nauseous tummy or any digestive problems it’s important to consume this paste. Koreans believe it will help aid digestive problems, so much so you can even pop Cheonggukjang pills to help with digestion. 

     Ganjang: is a soy sauce made in Korea, and used in many of the sauces or seasonings for dishes. When soy beans ferment to make soy sauce they produce two different products; a darker liquid and a lighter one. The darker part is known as Ganjang. You can make many things using Ganjang as your base, simply put together Ganjang, chilli powder and vinegar for an incredible dipping sauce.



  2. What You Need to Learn about Proxy Services?

    You should learn how proxy services work before use a web proxy. You need to know the difference between paid and unpaid packages of proxy services. Even you should know the advantages and disadvantages of using proxy servers. Let’s talk about these factors in this article.

     Proxy Services:

    A proxy server makes you anonymous while you are surfing on the web. Proxy servers build up a virtual private network between your computer and the proxy service. This virtual network allows your data to move on the secured path. The proxy server provides you an alternative home IP ID so that you can communicate to other without your own ID. Remaining in a remote place you can use your computer using this service. But it requires the availability of proxy service centers. The proxy servers conceal your original fingerprint to maintain the highest confidentiality. It is an excellent service which allows to an effective web browsing on the indirect way.


    Difference between paid and free proxy:

    There are two types of subscription options such as paid proxy service and free proxy service. You can choose any of them to meet your demand. If you choose a free proxy service most likely you are going to face with a bulk of advertisements. The heaps of advertisements hinder the smooth web browsing. It is less sparsely less effective than the paid service. The paid package requires small fee but more practical than the unpaid. And in the paid service there is no hassle of advertisements. You can get smooth and effective service just paying small amount. Paid package offers 15/30 days money back guarantee on its effectiveness. So it is much more secured than the free version.


    Is proxy service dangerous?

    It is unfortunately true that in some cases the use of proxy servers may be risky for you. The proxy server may allow an indirect connection between two or more computers but it reserves some important information such as password, conversation, and visited sites etc. Some immoral proxy provider can sell this important information to the third-party which can cause danger for you. Additionally some proxy services attach free downloading option on the web page asking email ID and password. You never fall in this trap because you can lose your information here. Besides if you use an anonymous proxy server it can cause the security risk for your computer.


    Other consequences:

    You must consider some other consequence that you may face while you are browsing. For example if you use anonymous proxy server for a long time you can fall in the identity crisis to your friends, colleagues, and known persons. It may occur especially when you are surfing on the social networking sites such as Face book and Twitter. When you are in your workplace and using anonymous proxy server, you can suffer the surveillance of work authority. Even you can lose your job for a short or long time. So you should try your best to avoid the negative aspects of using proxy servers.

     However if you are careful to your duties you can avoid some so-called negative aspects of the proxy services. And to do this you must learn about 

  3. Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more.
    Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)